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How It Came About

I had this idea! 

I'm one of those people who looks at something that doesn't look right or doesn't work well and I end up saying:

"Hey you know what you could do!"


While using my computer I've always wanted a better experience, a journey, of sorts, where I could gaze at some distant place onscreen and hope that I could visit there someday.


I thought how cool would it be if my desktop could have a video of one of these places, playing in the background, without compromising my computer's speed. 

After some R&D and choosing the right partnerships the idea took off. 



Our Journey So Far

2021    Fifteen Thirty Three is Created

We were sitting at a picnic table at my High School reunion and everyone was asking what everyone else did for a living.  When it got to my turn I told them that I owned a software development firm and we did custom software builds.  

Later on that night, one of the people who was sitting at that table, came up to me and asked me if I would teach her and her husband how to build a software package.  I asked them what they wanted to build.  She wouldn’t tell me but asked me if I had ever “left one on the table”.  I thought about it and said “Yes.  Why?”.  She smiled and said let’s build that one and my husband and I will tag along and pay for your development costs while we learn how to build our own App.  She is an old childhood friend so I said “Yeah…what the heck.”

We are now business partners on this project.  They funded it and I built it.  Here’s what has gone on so far.

2022    The Journey Begins

Everywhere I turned I spoke with Coders that said that what I wanted to do couldn’t be done.  When I got to the last one he said the same thing.  I told him “I’ll pay you a week’s wages to prove me wrong ".  A week later he handed me a very rudimentary build that did exactly what I wanted.  


We have tuned it up, added some things and taken other things out.  But the finished version, is spectacular.  You click on our App icon and your Desktop background starts moving with videos of a lot of those places people hope to visit someday!  

The App comes with 3 different videos to start you off.  We have 60+ other videos from which to chose and we are adding about 10 new ones every month.  The subjects are different but all are available to help you build your own personal "wish list".

2023    Looking to the Future

We have lots of interesting ideas in store for you, some have never been done before.  That kind of stuff usually takes a little longer.  Two of them are in initial development stages.  We feel comfortable that they will be released in the second half of 2023, and they will be updates for Check’in In.

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 Patent Pending 2022

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